Wednesday, 31 July 2013

시드니 !

Two fabulous Sydney food experiences.

Last Thursday I went to Xage, a Vietnamese restaurant in the Surry Hills. The regular clientele must be a fairly ghastly bunch: the waiter warned us that the pork shoulder was fatty, and sounded as if she’d apologized over this before. It was fatty, and gloriously slow: Caramelised slow-cooked berkshire pork shoulder thit kho.

And Koreatown! Did you know 시드니 has one? It’s a part of Pitt Street. I had lunch at a all-day and all-night outfit. (I would call it cheap and cheerful, but they made food good enough there was no need for them to waste time being cheerful; we queued up and begged to be treated with a suitable contempt). If I’d had friends with me I’d have ordered one of the massive piles of fried chicken everyone else was enjoying. Alone, the banchan were pleasure enough.

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